Little Bit Of Smarts Cutting Photos
Ronnie Burns on Smarts/Terrell, Tx
teddy johnson on smarts/Graham, Tx
Teddy on Smarts
Ronnie Burns on Smarts
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dale on smarts/Sulphur Springs, Tx
San Antonio, Tx Stock Show Champion
Dale on Smarts at San Antonio
ronnie rice on smarts/Fort Worth, Tx
Ronnie Rice on Smarts/Gold Coast Derby Finals
Ronnie Rice on Smarts / 2000 Gold Coast Derby Finals
Ronnie Burns on smarts/Gainesville, Tx
Ronnie Burns on Smarts
Dale Weatherford on Smarts/Sulphur Springs, Tx
Dale on SmartsĀ 
Ronnie Rice on Smarts
Dale on Smarts
Teddy Johnson on Smarts
marked a 77 in the Open
winning circuit Champion.
A friend showing Smarts in the Youth at the NCHA Summer Spectacular in Fort worth, Texas